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VE4WDR - D-Star, VE4DMR – DMR, & VA4WAN - Digital Data

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Your memberhip supports maintenance costs, system upgrades and liability insurance!

Membership is $ 35 per year and if you are also a member of RAC then memberhip is $25 per year, August 1 to July 31, and is not prorated.

If paying through PayPal please select which project you are supporting, Digital Voice (D-Star & DMR), Digital Data (HSMM), or Both.

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If your call sign is outside the
VE4/VA4 area please send us an
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You can also download a PDF application to mail in with your payment - Click Here

Members can check their Expiry date - Click Here

Once we receive your application you can register your VE4/VA4 Call Sign for Gateway Access on VE4WDR - Click Here . (If you get a certificate warning click to continue/proceed) Once the administrator approves your request you can sign in to complete your registration. For detailed Registration instructions - Click here

If you reside outside the VE4/VA4 area and wish to join the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group for the purpose of accessing the D-Star Gateway using a Dongle please send us an e-mail about your application to so the administrator can approve your request.

The club is looking for donations to support the purchase of (2) two 30 amp power supplies and (2) two programming cables. These will be used to upgrade the DMR repeaters in Selkirk and Portage la Prairie with (2) two Hytera RD982S repeaters that were donated by VE4AJ. 

By making the above changes to our clubs DMR repeaters our network will consist of one brand of Hytera repeaters for easy maintenance and firmware upgrades. 

The total amount that the club is looking for is approximately $600.00. 

Thanks you for your support.


If you want to support the digital voice radio please consider donating to the cause. The “Donate Button” below supports the Digital Voice projects.

Should you wish to support the VA4WAN Project with a donation your contribution would be appreciated.

At our July 31 AGM the Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group voted to obtain and install and support a DMR repeater. VE4DMR was installed in Winnipeg, and in 2021 VE4DMS was installed in Selkirk and VE4DMP was installed in Portage La Prairie.

Should you wish to further support the DMR Project with a donation your contribution would be appreciated.

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